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Green Nature


This website serves to demonstrate how our team uses creative approaches in our professional and scholarly activities, including education, practice, and research. Resources and creative activities and materials shared here emerge from our own work, as well as that of other researchers, scholars, and practitioners, who use arts-informed approaches to expand our individual and collective understanding of how we experience, articulate, and engage with the world around us. Consequently, the shared resources and creative materials may serve to further our development of personal and aesthetic knowing, strengthening our relational engagement with those in our presence, students, patients, and colleagues.

The website also serves to highlight how narrative research methods are used in qualitative studies. Three research programs (Schwind, Manankil-Rankin, and MacGregor) are illuminated that showcase examples of how narrative inquiry and other narrative research methods were used in qualitative studies.

We want this site to be a source of inspiration, connection, critical thought, and a point of contact in the use of creative approaches in education, practice, and research. We welcome interprofessional students and colleagues to explore the website for their own further intellectual and practical development. We would like to hear from you on how you experienced these creative activities and resources as you lived them out in your respective contexts.

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