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Reflection in a Pond

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Composite Stories

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Women’s Experiences of their First Pelvic Exam: An Arts-Informed Narrative Inquiry

Using Arts-Informed Narrative Inquiry, participants tell stories of their first pelvic exam, augmented through creative self-expression and metaphor reflection. In two-hour narrative interviews, three cis-gendered women under the age of 25 were invited to tell and draw the stories of their first pelvic exam experience. Audio-recordings were manually transcribed and stories of experience crafted. Upon confirmation, stories and metaphor reflections were analyzed using the Narrative Inquiry three-dimensional space of experience theoretical framework, from a Critical Feminist perspective.

The Qualitive Research Journey

The following lecture presents an overview of the qualitative research journey, from formulating a research question to mobilizing the knowledge developed. Originally prepared for Qualitative Research Methods (MN8902) at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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