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Artistic Portfolio

The following is a collection of original artwork by Emma MacGregor, which represents her aesthetic knowledge development through her Narrative Inquiry, Women's Experiences of Their First Pelvic Exam: an Arts-Informed Narrative Inquiry (2021)

The Time Has Come

Representing the outset of an inquiry journey, a dark underwater scene shows an oyster in a closed shell at the bottom of a crevasse. A nearby anchor signifies a boat overhead, surrounded in a halo of light. What awaits the oyster on the surface?


Created to aesthetically tell the story of my own first pelvic exam experience.

Acrylic on canvas (2019)

Voices Entangled

Sticky notes and connected, tangled yarn on a wall, representing pieces of the stories of co-participants, who tell the story of their first pelvic exam experience.

Paper, yarn on wall (2020)

My Own Ship

Representing the end of an inquiry journey, this painting portrays a bright sun shining on a blue ocean, with a boat's mast pointing towards the horizon. A young woman, the artist, stands on the deck, holding the controls and setting a course of her own.

Watercolour (2020)

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