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Welcome to the Art of Experience!

This website was originated in 2014 by two Narrative Inquiry researchers and educators, Dr. Gail M. Lindsay RN, PhD and Dr. Jasna K. Schwind RN, PhD.

In 2018, following Dr. Lindsay’s retirement, Dr. Louela Manankil-Rankin RN, PhD, joined Dr. Schwind as co-director of the website. In 2022, Emma MacGregor RN, MN, PhD student, joined the team.

This interprofessional website is created to highlight arts-informed practices within education, research, and practice.

What Can Be Found on 
This Website?

Gentle Stream

Educational Resources

Crafting a teaching-learning encounter

Ocean View

Professional Practice

To understand Narrative Inquiry as a research method

Forest Trees

Narrative Research

Scholarly sources for Narrative Inquiry and Arts-Informed Narrative Inquiry

Red Flowers

Creative Approaches

The Narrative Reflective Process

Co-creative art-making activities

Digital narratives

Turquoise Sky

Mindful Practices

Mindful activities

Please Note

If you engage in the creative activities within a group, share only what you feel comfortable disclosing. What you choose to explore in these activities, and what you learn through them, is your knowledge, and you decide how much you want to share, and with whom. If you find yourself becoming upset by any of the activities, please stop the activity and call a friend or a professional of your choice for support.

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